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  • Why legacy WAF approaches fail to effectively secure the application development lifecycle
  • Why a more architectural approach to application security is badly needed, particularly as applications become increasingly complex
  • How Signal Sciences fits in the broader competitive landscape against WAF and RASP solutions
  • Why harmony with DevOps principles will be a telling capability for web and application security measures going forward

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Authors Scott Crawford and Kathryn Ball published this Impact Report for 451 Research. In the report, they detail why Signal Sciences' Web Protection Platform is "better adapted to take advantage of DevOps tools and practices than many legacy offerings."

From the report

"The company has taken a page from the runtime application self-protection (RASP) model by embracing a distributed approach in terms of its application to comprehensive web server and application environments, as well as a variety of deployment methods. And with this release, the platform now includes RASP and WAF techniques.

Due to the modularity of its software approach that arms enforcement points – as well as development and operations teams – with cloud analytics and automation, it is better adapted to take advantage of DevOps tools and practices than many legacy offerings. "


The world’s top companies trust Signal Sciences.

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