Accelerate Incident Response: Stop Breaches Before They Happen

Recorded on October 22, 2020

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Optimize application security using automated AppSec playbooks + intelligent threat detection


A breach attempt occurs—now what?

  • All hands on deck to execute complex response procedures 
  • Manual triage drains resources and any delay has costly consequences 
  • Immediate action is required to inhibit the attack’s reach


Empower your incident response team with: 

  • Automated incident response: alerts & workflow sequences 
  • Attack-specific playbooks to visualize the optimal sequence of events 
  • External data feeds to enrich real-time blocking decisions


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About The Presenters

Prasen Shelar

Sr. Product Manager, Cortex XSOAR

Prasen is a Carnegie Mellon University grad who loves design, engineering, planning, and talking. An entrepreneur at heart, he brings both left-brain rationale and right-brain creativity to the Cortex XSOAR product management team. Prasen is responsible for guiding the success of new product capabilities within Cortex XSOAR including security orchestration, automation, and response. 

Tom Chang

Head of Technical Alliances, Signal Sciences

Tom Chang leads Technology Alliances at Signal Sciences. Throughout his career, Tom has managed high performing sales engineering and services teams across a wide range of software companies including Facebook, MobileIron, and Symantec. 

Dashboard Preview

Signal Sciences web application firewall (WAF) agent uses external intelligence feeds to accurately identify an attack. Cortex XSOAR’s security orchestration platform kicks off a predefined workflow and sends alerts to the right team so they can take immediate action to fend off the attack.  


Cortex XSOAR Dashboard visualizing the playbook in response to an account takeover (ATO) attempt.


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