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DevOps enables the organization and without bridging the gap between security and DevOps the process stalls.

The eBook will help you:

  • Understand the driving forces behind both DevOps and Security
  • Learn the language of Security and Devops and how to bridge the gap between the two
  • Get your security team and DevOps team to interact and help each other


DevOps is a culture, movement, and practice that enables collaboration between development and operations teams throughout the entire software delivery lifecycle, from design and development to production support. It breaks down entrenched silos, allowing organizations to transition from functional area delivery to a more holistic approach. This results in robust processes, exponential improvements in deployment times, and ultimately, superior results for a company’s bottom-line. Since DevOps was first coined in 2009, it has been a massive movement among engineering focused organizations. In the 2015 State of DevOps report, it was found that high-performers were able to deliver thirty times more frequently–rapidly decreasing the time from concept to cash.


"Security is joining forces with DevOps and this paper shows you how to get started with common principles and practices to effectively integrate security in your DevOps transition, written by some of the best in the game."

Gene Kim, co-author of "The Phoenix Project" and the upcoming "DevOps Handbook"

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