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Building a Modern Security Engineering Organization

Shift Security From a Blocker to an Enabler of Business Velocity

Security engineering teams have a duty to keep your business secure. The hyper-competitive nature of tech pushes for breakneck deployment schedules, which puts pressure on security protocols.

With near-instantaneous code deployments as the new norm, quick deployment models are often scary to security teams. How can you, as a security leader, fundamentally shift the position of security from a blocker to an enabler of business velocity?

To address this reality, modern teams need to embrace cultural change in the form of DevSecOps. The keys to cultivating this transition are active communication, information sharing, and empathy.

Key Learnings

  • Benefits of DevSecOps: Ways to cultivate DevOps culture
  • EQ: Why emotional intelligence is key
  • Security tactics that address modern threats: bug bounties and penetration testing

DevOps culture focuses on increasing visibility to enable informed decision making between security, development, and operations teams.

Zane Lackey, our CSO and co-founder, shares his framework for building a modern security engineering organization—download the white paper today!