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The Changing Security Landscape in a Cloud-Native Era

Market Insights from ESG Research to Protect Your Cloud-native Data and Apps

Recorded on November 13, 2019

A cloud-native world has emerged as organizations embrace DevOps and cloud adoption accelerates.

Businesses can quickly scale their web-based services and applications to meet the demands of expanding customer bases. But businesses need modern security practices that provide the same speed, continuity, and scalability as the apps they are working to protect.

Doug Cahill, Senior Analyst and Group Practice Director from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), will speak to key topics in a cloud-native world:

  • Is “Cloud-native” a Misnomer?
  • Consumption of Cloud Services
  • Attack Types and Visibility Gaps
  • Secure DevOps and Protecting an Amorphous Perimeter

Doug co-presents with experts from Capsule8, Obsidian Security, and Signal Sciences who speak to their respective specialties: securing containerized workloads, identity access management, and web application security.

Join Capsule8, Obsidian Security, and Signal Sciences as we discuss the major cloud-native security challenges organizations face and the opportunities to meet them.


Doug Cahill

Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

Doug is the practice director for ESG's security practice and a security industry analyst covering cloud security including DevSecOps, cloud infrastructure and application security, securing microservices architectures, Elastic Cloud Gateways , and cloud data security. Follow @DougCahill on Twitter.