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White Paper

The Cloud Native AppSec Playbook

Security Guidance for Multi-Cloud Environments

DevOps teams embrace cloud native application development because of its unparalleled deployment speed and scalability.

Multi-cloud environments are complex by design, which allows them to support a flexible development style that uses containers, third-party API integrations, and hybrid server configurations.

The distributed nature of cloud native infrastructure leads to unique security risks. Attackers are constantly targeting APIs, microservices, and layer 7 with increasingly advanced web attacks. Gaining visibility across your entire application footprint is a crucial part of your security strategy.

This playbook guides engineering, operations, and security teams with the “how” and “why” of cloud native application security:

  • Defining the multi-cloud framework
  • Top security challenges in the cloud: attack types & vectors
  • Critical security requirements to defend cloud-native apps

Learn key considerations for securing your cloud native app—download the playbook.