The Emergent Cloud Security Toolchain for CI/CD

Recorded on May 15, 2018

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All organizations want to go faster and decrease friction in their cloud software delivery pipeline. Infosec has an opportunity to change their classic approach from blocker to enabler.


This talk will discuss hallmarks of CI/CD and some practical examples for adding security testing across different organizations. The talk will cover emergent patterns, practices, and toolchains that bring security to the table.


Key Learnings

  1. Learn the emerging patterns for security in CI/CD pipelines.
  2. Receive a pragmatic security toolchain for CI/CD to use in your organization.
  3. Understand what the real meaning of DevSecOps is without all the hype.
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Watch the Webinar:


James Wickett

James spends a lot of time at the intersection of the DevOps and Security communities. He got his start in technology when he founded a startup as a student at University of Oklahoma and since then has worked in environments ranging from large, web-scale enterprises to small, rapid-growth startups. He is a dynamic speaker on topics in DevOps, InfoSec, cloud security, security testing, Rugged DevOps and serverless.

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