Free Web Attack Visibility With Datadog and Signal Sciences

Monitor your web apps and APIs for malicious behavior


What it is:

With Signal Sciences - Datadog Monitoring, anyone with access to Datadog can get immediate visibility into real time malicious behavior against their applications and APIs with the most trusted web security monitoring on the market.

How to install:

Deploy Signal Sciences lightweight agent into your application, and data will automatically stream into your Datadog console, so you can see attacks and anomalies like SQLi, XSS, 4xx and 5xx errors.

When to use it:

Not sure if your app is under attack? Not sure whether an error is due to a bad code deploy or an actual security threat? Want to know why you have so much traffic coming from TOR? Malicious behavior is detected via Signal Sciences’ proprietary SmartParse technology and passed directly into your Datadog console for monitoring. SmartParse is an intelligent detection engine installed across tens of thousands of production agents across the web.