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Defend the Core: Kubernetes Security at Every Layer

Recorded on July 30, 2020

Kubernetes enables engineers to deploy applications with speed and scale, but this velocity comes with inherent security risks.

It is a universal challenge for DevOps teams to manage hidden Kubernetes security risks including permissions mistakes, misconfigurations, or infrastructure blindspots.

The key to Kubernetes security is diligence at every layer from the control plane out to layer 7.

DevOps leader Jimmy Mesta will share a defense-in-depth approach for securing cloud-native apps:

  • Best practices for Kubernetes security
  • Security pitfalls to avoid in distributed environments
  • Ways that security tools can automate secured deployments
  • Live demo: methods to deploy layer 7 protection

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About the presenters

Jimmy Mesta

Head of Security Research, Signal Sciences

Jimmy Mesta is a veteran application and infrastructure security leader with 15+ years of experience. He has spent time on both the offensive and defensive side of the industry, working to build modern, developer-friendly security solutions. Prior to Signal Sciences, Jimmy maintained a global network, consulting with companies, and delivering technical security training, research, and infrastructure around the world. He previously ran the local Santa Barbara OWASP chapter and taught Kubernetes, Docker, DevOps, mobile security, and pentesting courses for Manicode. Follow Jimmy on Twitter: @jimmesta.

Brendon Macaraeg

Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Signal Sciences

Brendon Macaraeg leads product marketing for Signal Sciences which protects the web presence of the world’s leading brands. Prior, Brendon led product marketing for the incident response and professional services division of CrowdStrike. He also led product marketing efforts for both the Norton consumer security products and Symantec's enterprise mobility and endpoint management.