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The DevOps Roadmap for Security

DevOps is a movement that enables collaboration throughout the entire software delivery lifecycle by uniting two teams: development and operations. The benefits of DevOps can extend to security by embracing modern DevSecOps practices.

Security's way forward is to unify with DevOps in its four key transformation areas:

  1. Protect your apps and APIs
  2. Unite security and engineering culture
  3. Create feedback loops and enable delivery velocity
  4. Treat everything as code

This ebook will help security practitioners navigate fundamental DevOps principles and suggest realistic ways to leverage production visibility.

DevOps culture can significantly improve your organization’s security posture—download the newly updated ebook to get started!


New to the third edition

  • Proactive Application Security: Learn to adopt proactive web defense tooling that works in production. Move from static code scanning to a real-time continuous feedback loop that identifies high-value security issues in the codebase.
  • Real-Time Visibility: Focus on what’s actually under attack to prioritize fixes and best utilize your resources. Use self-service data to modify the code, making apps and APIs more security resilient.
  • Up-to-Date Data: Key metrics have been updated from the latest analyst reports, like The State of DevOps 20191.