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DevSecOps Community Survey: 2019 Results

The 2019 DevSecOps Community Survey asked over 5,500 IT professionals 41 questions on DevOps and security. The results reveal the best practices of the DevSecOps Elite and their ongoing challenges and methods for securing web applications.

Key findings include:

  • One in four companies confirmed or suspected a web application breach in the last 12 months.
  • 48 precent of developers don't have enough time to spend on security
  • Companies with mature DevOps practices are 350 percent more likely to integrate automated security into their development process

Download the report to learn:

  • How companies are implementing security across the SDLC, including the methods and tools mature DevOps organizations weave into their DevOps practices
  • What industries are making significant progress in transitioning from agile and waterfall development methods to DevOps practices
  • How SDLC integration of automated security differs between mature and immature organizations
  • How many companies have experienced a breach due to a web application within the past 12 months, and more

About this report

This report highlights the changes in today's development and security environments, including the increased implementation of DevOps practices across companies of all sizes. Over 5,500 participants answered questions related to DevSecOps, including:

  • Have you confirmed or suspected a web application breach in the last 12 months?
  • Do you suspect or have verified a breach related to open source components?
  • Has your organization had a breach that can be attributed to a vulnerability in an open source component or dependency in the last 12 months?
  • How do you rank the top challenges with your application security processes?