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White Paper

5 Steps to Modernize Security in the DevSecOps Era

A guide to adapting security to the changing world of DevSecOps

The practices of DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Agile have become commonplace for some time now among the development and operations teams in most organizations, and now they are surfacing in security teams. This change is rippling across the organization and breaking down silos for software delivery. Teams are delivering APIs, microservices and web applications at faster than ever speeds.

But what about security? Even though application security is well into its teenage years, vulnerabilities like XSS, SQLi, and remote code execution are still problems. In fact, they might even be getting worse because HTTP is the common language of cloud, microservices, and serverless.

In this white paper, we outline 5 steps you can take to ensure application security is up to speed.

Helping Bring Security into the DevOps Era

Taking these 5 steps can help ensure your application security is up to speed. Download this guide to learn how to:

  1. Cover the Basics
  2. Defend Against Bots and Scrapers
  3. Detect App Abuse and Misuse
  4. Get Real Time Operational Security
  5. Integrate Across Groups and Teams