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How Stitch Fix is Building a High-Performing, DevOps Focused Security Team

Recorded August 23rd, 2018

Building a security team isn’t easy, let alone a high-performing one. With the expansion of DevOps practices requiring faster delivery times throughout the CI/CD pipeline, security teams feel even more pressure to become an enabler instead of a blocker.

As you look to build out your security team or expand your security skills in a modern, DevOps focused organization, you’ll likely encounter a few challenges along the way. In this webinar, we discuss many of the challenges Charles Nwatu, Director of Security at Stitch Fix, is facing while building his own high-performing, DevOps focused security team, and how he is overcoming them.

This webinar is for any security professional looking to:

  • Better integrate security practices with their DevOps teams
  • Build the skills sets needed to work fluidly with DevOps teams
  • Automate more security into their SLDC
  • Shift their security operations left and right

About the presenter

Charles Nwatu, Director of Security, Stitch Fix 

He is responsible for production and corporate security, including assessment, cloud infrastructure design, detection, and response engineering. Charles started his security journey as a detection and response engineer supporting the Department of Defense. Prior to joining Stitch Fix, Charles was at Twilio, where he created and developed their detection and response engineering program. He has worked on security initiatives and capabilities at McAfee, Intel, and LinkedIn. Charles is known for creating and developing teams that drive innovative security capabilities. Charles believes that security should be "drama free" and focus on "doing less, better."