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About This Modern Security Series Episode

In the DevOps-era, security looks different. We are pleased to welcome Alex Rice, Co-Founder and CTO of HackerOne, and Zane Lackey, Co-Founder and CSO of Signal Sciences to the Modern Security Series. The format will be a 2-person panel where we will ask these leading security experts about how to adapt to the modern era of IT.

This panel is focused on the practitioner and we will not be discussing platitudes or theory, instead we will focus on what works in today’s modern IT shop. Together we will explore how to get security right in our environments of fast change and shifting business needs


Alex Rice  |  Panelist

Co-founder and CTO  |  HackerOne

Alex Rice is a founder and chief technology officer at HackerOne, the #1 bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platform. Alex is responsible for developing the HackerOne technology vision, driving engineering efforts, and counseling customers as they build world-class security programs. Alex was previously at Facebook, where he founded the product security team, built one of the industry’s most successful security programs, and introduced new transport layer encryption used by more than a billion users. Alex also serves on the board of the Internet Bug Bounty, a nonprofit organization that enables and encourages friendly hackers to help build a more secure internet.

Zane Lackey  |  Panelist

Co-founder and CSO  |  Signal Sciences

Before co-founding Signal Sciences, Zane built and led the Etsy Security Team, where he pioneered and published new approaches to practical defense based on his background in offensive security. A respected voice in the industry, he serves on advisory boards at the Internet Bug Bounty Program and the U.S. State Department–backed Open Technology Fund. He’s also been featured by BBC, Associated Press, Forbes, and Wired and invited to lecture at top industry conferences and universities.

James Wickett  |  Moderator

Head of Research  |  Signal Sciences

Often found at the intersection of DevOps and security, James is the creator of gauntlt and the author of DevOps Fundamentals — a course on and LinkedIn Learning.


About the Modern Security Series

The Modern Security Series by Signal Sciences brings the best technologists around to present on modern security practices and approaches ranging from AppSec to DevOps.

Come each month and enjoy a fun and friendly presentation by some of the world’s foremost experts on topics that are shaping our industry for the future.

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