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Why Signal Sciences

  • 95% of customers in full blocking mode
  • 4 out of 5 who try us, buy us
  • 7,500+ apps currently protected
  • 23 hybrid and multi-cloud platforms supported

Signal Sciences next-gen WAF and RASP delivers more

Reliable, automated blocking

  • Runs directly in your web servers or application code
  • Fail-open architecture keeps your site running fast
  • Proprietary SmartParse detection requires no tuning or maintenance

Focused on DevOps

  • Easily deployed by operations teams
  • Cross-team visibility into metrics, performance and trends
  • Integrated into toolchains for quick access and collaboration

Any platform, one UI

  • Functions anywhere: in containers, on-prem, or in the cloud
  • One unified view across your entire footprint
  • Protects and monitors both internal and external services

Coverage against all threats

  • Immediate blocking of common OWASP attacks
  • Meets PCI 6.6 compliance requirements, but doesn't stop there
  • Blocks account takeovers, bad bots, application denial of service, and more


The world’s top companies trust Signal Sciences.

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