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The Rising Tide of E-Commerce Fraud: Methods, Patterns, & Defensive Measures

Retail E-Commerce Report

In 2020, retail websites will generate $630 billion in sales worldwide, while e-commerce fraud will cause $12 billion in losses in the U.S. alone.1

We analyzed 4.9 million web attacks for customers in the e-commerce industry, then created this exclusive report to share actionable insights for retailers.

Read this original research report to learn:

  • Top 5 attack types against e-commerce websites including retail’s fastest-growing attack vector
  • Fundamentals of effective web protection: visibility, flexibility, threat detection & mitigation, and scalability
  • Attack trends: seasonality, tactics, and country of origin
  • Timely tips to safeguard your web properties

Read the report to protect your mission-critical web applications, mobile apps and APIs.

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