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Scale DevSecOps in Complex Environments with Terraform

Recorded on January 27, 2021

Scaling cloud infrastructure is critical to driving business growth and serving customers. DevOps teams face the challenge of scaling without sacrificing speed and security.

Data platform powerhouse Splunk embraces infrastructure-as-code to securely scale their web properties. Using Signal Sciences web application firewall (WAF) and HashiCorp Terraform provider saves Splunk engineers time and provides a paper trail for security compliance audits.

Join Ian Fox, Cloud Security Engineer, to learn how Splunk automates WAF configuration tasks including rules, lists, alerts, and signals. You'll discover how Splunk engineers use infrastructure-as-code as part of their security strategy.

See how Terraform enables DevOps teams to secure cloud environments—watch the webinar recording now.

About the presenters:

Taylor Dolezal

Senior Developer Advocate, HashiCorp

Taylor is a senior developer advocate at HashiCorp where he works on infrastructure tools that enable innovation. Taylor works closely with open source communities, and is passionate about Kubernetes, Terraform, and solving problems with distributed systems. You can usually find Taylor buried deep in a book, preparing a technical talk, or running with his two dogs.

Ian Fox

Cloud Security Engineer, Splunk

Ian is a cloud security engineer at Splunk. He is a recent graduate of the University of Waterloo where he earned his Bachelor of Computer Science. Ian has strong interests in fuzzing, Kubernetes, and Rust, and outside of work enjoys reading, locksport, and hiking.

Simran Khalsa

Senior Security Engineer, Signal Sciences (now part of Fastly)

Simran is a senior security engineer with 10+ years of experience. He focuses on security research with the aim of fortifying our technology and approach to preventing real-world web layer attacks. He has spent his career in both public and private sectors with an emphasis on building modern security solutions. Follow Simran on Twitter: @simran_khalsa.