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The State of Cloud Native Security

With the growth of cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, cloud computing is often the cornerstone of digital transformation efforts. The move to cloud native applications is accelerating and already the default for over 60% of surveyed companies when they design, build and deploy their applications. However, the ability to gain threat visibility and deploy effective security measures within production environments remain a visible gap.


  • Organizations struggle to balance security with efficient deployment of production applications: 40 percent of respondents’ organizations do not currently have a DevOps function in place. The cause? Half said the lack of appropriate skills on their security teams was the primary obstacle to forming a DevOps practice.
  • Organizations have limited real-time visibility into attacks: 73 percent say they lack actionable, fine-grain, real-time insight into threats and ongoing attacks
  • False positives continue to plague IT and security organizations: 46 percent of those surveyed said that more than half of production environment security alerts were false positives.


  • The drivers behind designing, developing and deploying cloud native application
  • Which security challenges to overcome to leverage the power of cloud native
  • How organizations fund security infrastructure investments in WAF and RASP technologies to secure their cloud native apps
This report highlights the security challenges organizations face on their journey to developing and deploying cloud native applications across enterprises with annual revenues from $250 million to over $1 billion. In late 2018, Signal Sciences, Duo Security and Capsule8 surveyed 486 senior-level information technology and security decision makers. All respondents were qualified as senior-level decision makers with roles including CIO, CISO, VP of IT, Director of IT and senior cloud security architect, among others.