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Detection and Blocking

Advanced Approaches & Techniques for Better Coverage

Our next-gen WAF was designed by security practitioners who have lived the pain of constant rules tuning and have seen where pattern matching and signature-based rulesets fall short.

Learn more about Signal Sciences patented approach that enables superior application and API protection, including:

  • SmartParse that enables the ability to make instantaneous decisions in line
  • Power Rules that automate attack detection, blocking, and virtual patching
  • Network Learning Exchange (NLX), our proprietary means of aggregating attack data within the Signal Sciences Cloud Engine from across our customers’ deployed agents

How Legacy WAFs Fail

Legacy web application firewalls (WAF) require extensive rules tuning to ensure that canned rulesets do not generate false positives and block legitimate traffic. This legacy approach also leaves organizations with few options other than enabling just a small number of rules validated as “safe”—otherwise they risk blocking legitimate traffic in order to catch more potential attacks.

Signal Sciences' patented, token-based approach to attack detection is more accurate than rules or signatures and requires no tuning or maintenance.

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