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Enabling the Future of Zero Trust With Continuous Authentication

Recorded on October 1, 2020

99% of vulnerabilities exploited are known to IT1.

This startling statistic reinforces the underlying framework of the zero trust model: vulnerabilities and attackers exist both within and outside of your network.

Recent trends, like the rise of hybrid infrastructures, remote work, and strict compliance requirements, necessitate a continuous authentication solution to protect web applications and APIs.

Key Learnings

  • The key to establishing zero trust security alongside a frictionless authentication experience
  • How sophisticated identify access management (IAM) ensures access for legitimate users
  • How a next-gen web application firewall (WAF) continuously inspects traffic for attack indicators at layer 7
  • By pairing security event monitoring and authentication tools, organizations can design a zero trust model for their expanded perimeter.

Watch the webinar recording, including a demo of the Duo Security + Signal Sciences integration in action.

About the presenters

Landon Greer

Product Manager, Duo Security

Aaron Jahoda

Manager, Sales Engineering, Signal Sciences